When you want to do a remodel, you are thinking of all the styles and materials you would like to incorporate. You have appliances you would like to install/upgrade, and you have colors and patterns you would like to use. You consider whether you want to just update your look using the current layout, or if you would prefer to change things up and alter the layout of the room you would like to remodel. One thing that is important when considering your remodel is permit and compliance requirements for the changes you would like to make.


Some of the changes that you make to your dwelling will require a permit before work can begin. When you fill out the permit, you may need to submit drawings of the changes (to scale), and your project could potentially require an inspection before, during, or after the work is completed. You could have permits related to state requirements, city requirements, and if you are in a certain type of community, the HOA may need to approve as well.


These permits will mean that fees will need to be paid. You will be paying to file your paperwork regarding the changes you would like to make. You may need to pay for the inspections for your changes. The fees could be based upon a set rate, or the fee could be prorated against the cost of the changes you propose to make. After you file the necessary paperwork and commence with the changes, you could also have to refile and pay more fees if you make changes to the plans that have already been filed.


Another area that is important to review is the current code requirements for dwellings. For example, in the bathroom, there is a “wet area boundary” that must be maintained when installing light fixtures. You may have a lighting fixture that you have your heart set on, but if it does not comply with the code, you can find yourself paying a penalty and needing to remove that fixture and replacing with a compliant one. There are bathroom code requirements for shower sizes, sink and toilet placement, and ventilation, to name a few. Make sure the changes that you want to make are in accordance with the current code.

If you are making over an area by simply updating the appliances, it should be easy to maintain code status. The challenge begins when you want to change the layout of the current space, or if you are creating an additional room on your house.