Your kitchen cabinets have many uses. Your cabinets hold the food to nourish your family; they provide a space to put your cups and dishes and provide storage for your pots, pans, and food storage containers. After a while of looking at the same cabinets, you begin to wonder if you should make a change. There are a few options to choose from when deciding.  


When you want to make a change to your cabinets, you can do one of three things. If you want to start completely fresh, you can take off the old cabinets and put up completely new ones. Another option that you have available is to put a veneer over the existing cabinets to freshen their look. You can put the new veneer and update the hardware on the cabinets. A final option is to just repaint/refinish the existing cabinets. You could decide to update the hardware or leave the existing hardware.  


One of the biggest factors that will decide your choice is your budget. Obviously refinishing the cabinets in the cheapest option and replacing them is the most expensive. You could choose to make a change to all of the cabinets the same way, or you could use a mixture of your options. Some cabinets could be refinished, and others replaced. It will depend on the look you are going for and the health of the wood for the current cabinets.  

The quality of the wood is another factor. How old are the cabinets? Some cabinets are old enough that the only choice is full replacement. The quality of the wood is important if you are considering changing the look of the cabinet. If you go from having a cabinet with a door to having an open style you need to make sure that the current construction can handle the pressure difference.  

Even if the cabinets are not old, they can have excessive water damage, cracks, or other structural issues that would make them unfit for a refinish over a replacement. You can do a visual check in your empty cabinets to look at the interior surface and the corners to look for structural abnormalities.  

When you’ve done your research and have made your choice as to choosing which option you will use for your cabinets, you can work out the details to make the cabinets you will love for years to come.