A kitchen remodel is a time to reconsider everything that was in the kitchen before. You can either upgrade all of your appliances to a better version of the same thing or go in a completely different direction and remake your kitchen. One of the appliances to consider is the refrigerator. While there are choices to make regarding color and energy efficiency, there are also style choices to be made. How would you like the doors to open?  How many doors would you like? Where would you like the freezer? Another choice that can be made is whether you would like your refrigerator to be flush with the counter space. This is a counter depth refrigerator.

One of the benefits of a counter depth refrigerator is that it creates clean lines in the kitchen. Instead of having an appliance stick out just a little farther than the counter, you have a smooth line all the way down. This helps by making it easier to move around the kitchen. You don’t need to worry about running into the little extra that sticks out.

A great thing about counter depth refrigerators is that they come in all the models like the regular/full-size versions. So you can have side-by-side doors, French doors, a freezer on the top, or a freezer on the bottom style. There are no limitations to choice. One thing that should be considered is the space where you want to place your refrigerator. While the styles are the same, the actual size of the refrigerator is slightly different. This would cause the refrigerator door to open differently than a full size. So make sure that the space you plan for your refrigerator accommodates this difference.

Because the counter depth refrigerator is made to fit cleanly within the counter space, a sacrifice that is made is depth. A full-size refrigerator would allow for approximately six more inches of depth. Due to this change, you would need to pay attention to how much actual space you think you will need for your food. This would be a determining factor over whether or not the kitchen has a streamlined look. It will do you no good to have a streamlined look if the actual refrigerator is the wrong fit for your lifestyle. So consider your dining habits, whether you have many get-togethers, and how much space you had left in your original refrigerator on a daily basis before you make this change.