One thing people talk about the most is not having enough space, either not having enough space for the people in the house or all the stuff that comes with the people. When you remodel your home, you have the opportunity to create extra space and realize places where space can be found. Of course, you can put up shelving, make a pantry area, and add extra rooms onto your house. You can also consider unconventional places to find space.

Under The Stairs

An often underutilized space in a home is the space under the stairs. Some homes have an open area under the stairs and others, after a remodel, can have space created. What can you do with this space? You can use this space to create a bookshelf. If you are a wine drinker, you can use this as storage for your wine bottles. You can put in shelving and glass doors to display your collection. Another great idea for this space is a reading nook or guest area. You can create a room with a bed or couch where people can go relax and read when they want some time to themselves. Under the stairs is a great place for a pet area as well. You can either create an open space or put in an opening that leads to a little room for your pet.

Cabinet Space

The traditional methods for cabinetry are on the walls or within the counter space. One thought for storage would be to put cabinets in the baseboards. Items that are seldom used, lids, cutting boards, or other small containers could easily fit within these drawers. The drawers would be flush against the wall when closed so there would be no trip hazard. You could create a small lip to open and close the drawers so you wouldn’t need to worry about hardware being in the way.


Shelving can be attached to the wall or part of a movable unit that sits on the ground. Usually, a space on the wall is chosen, and then shelves are attached to it, or space is found on the floor where the moveable shelf will be placed. Another option would be to utilize part of a wall that is open. Instead of placing shelves on the wall, you could create a space within the wall to put the shelving. The shelving then would be recessed into the wall creating a nook-like space. This type of shelving will not get in the way if your room is on the smaller side. You would not be likely to knock things off the shelf as you pass, and you could put more delicate items on display with this shelving.