The bathroom is one of the rooms in your home that gets the most traffic. No matter how many bathrooms you have in your home, or how many people use each particular bathroom, there are many things that need to be stored for everyone. The biggest job that homeowners have is to keep the clutter down in that room. While it might seem to be a daunting task, we compiled some creative options to make your bathroom(s) an efficient space. Here are some ideas.

Repurposed Items

A fast, easy option for storage is a repurposed item already in your home. This can be smaller, such as baby jars/mason jars attached to the wall with clips. These can be used for smaller items in your bathroom, like cotton balls or Q-Tips. Another item can be a bar cart on wheels. Using a wheeled cart will allow you to move the items around the bathroom as needed while you get ready for the day. A way to have your items easier to view (hair spray/deodorant can) would be to use graduated spice rack shelving. This will raise the items in the back of the cupboard to make them more visible. Another option could be open or closed bookshelves. These can be used to store towels, heavier bathroom items, toilet paper, and more. The open bookshelf can be placed in such a way that items can be reached, no matter which side of the shelving you are on.


If you are looking for storage, that is less obvious, you can incorporate hidden storage options into your bathroom. One way to have this would be to have a tip-out hamper/laundry bin. When it is closed, it can look like a regular drawer and be flush with the rest of the cabinets. When you have laundry, you can tip open the drawer and drop your laundry in and then close it. This way, there will be no towels on the floor.

Additionally, recessed shelving is another idea where someone looking straight into the bathroom will not see the contents of the shelves unless they are looking for them. Installing a skirt around your pedestal sink can create a storage area underneath. Adding shelving as well can make this area even more efficient. There are thin drawers that can be added to the bottom of cupboards to create hidden pull-out storage. These drawers might hold hair products (curling iron) or smaller items that are used less frequently.

We will continue our look at creative storage ideas for your bathroom in the next post!