In this article, we continue our exploration of storage options for your bathroom to maximize your space and keep your room functional. It seems that people accumulate items in relation to the size of the space. So, people with larger bathrooms have a tendency to accumulate more items. The bathroom can then look disorganized and cluttered, no matter what size it is. In the last article, we covered repurposed items and hidden storage options. Let’s explore more options to bid farewell to your bathroom clutter once and for all.

Unused Space

Great areas to look in your bathroom are places where you normally wouldn’t think of. As an example, installing some corner shelves is a fantastic option to utilize the wall space where nothing really fits any way! You could place shelves from the floor to the ceiling if you wanted to. You could also install shelving and add a hanging basket in the corner that will allow you to have storage and a removable basket to take with you all around the room.

Wall Mounted

As the example previously, corner shelving can be part of wall mounted options for storage. You can install floating shelves, cubbies, medicine cabinets, hooks, moveable and mounted baskets, toothbrush and cup holders, and soap dispensers. If you hang up a towel rack, you can make it multipurpose by using a multi-tiered rack. You can then have different items on different tiers. If you wanted to have reading material, you could drape it over the bar, you could hang toilet tissue, towels, or anything else that you might need. Wall mounted items can be hung at any height, so everyone can have their items within reach.

Misc. Options

As you are scanning your bathroom space, you can find even more options for storage. If you have any type of cabinets, you can find ways to use the doors. You could attach hooks, either over the door hooks or attached hooks. You can place a metal magnetized strip on the doors to attach small metal objects that you use frequently. This can include small scissors, tweezers, or metal nail files. You can even use the bathroom door for storage. You can find an over the door organizer that could be pockets, hooks, or have something that sticks to the door and is easily removed. Looking further around the room, you have options for your shower door and panels. Options can include suction cup items (shelves, baskets), or as with the door, something that hangs over the shower area.

With all of these options for storage around your bathroom, it will be clutter free in no time!