Sometimes you want to make changes to your space, but you need to prioritize the changes instead of being able to make them all at once. Or you’ve decided to only change one area this year. How do you decide which area to choose? As an example, let’s say you can either remodel the bathroom or the kitchen. What factors should you consider when making your choice?

Time Frame

One important factor is how much time you can dedicate to the remodel. A few things will factor into your time. These items are how much space you would like to redo, meaning are you looking to freshen things up, or completely change things around? Another factor is the availability of the materials you are interested in using. Can you complete your remodel in a timely manner, or do you need to wait for the materials you really want to use to come back into stock? A final factor is the availability of the contractors you are using.


Another item to keep in mind is your available budgetary constraints. If you want to do a kitchen remodel, but do not have the funds to complete it, then you might consider looking at the materials and costs involved in a bathroom makeover. This way you still have something different in your home, and you didn’t break the bank to have it.


Plumbing and electrical will be a factor only if you are making a major change to one of the spaces. If you are remodeling or considering a makeover, then your plumbing and electrical needs should be close to what is currently set up. If your pipes and wiring are still good, you would not need to change them out to replace the sink, tub, or update your electrical outlets. Now, if you are moving your bathroom from one room to another, or completely rearranging where the tub, sink, or shower are, then you will have plumbing and electrical changes that need to be made.


If you are redoing the kitchen floor vs the bathroom floor, then the kitchen will require more materials because the floor is bigger. Additionally, the bathroom will require that you use materials that work best in a steamy/wet environment. Generally, the kitchen is not a wet environment. As with the flooring, cabinetry is the same. You would most likely have more cabinets in the kitchen than the bathroom, so more materials would be needed.

After reviewing each of these areas, you can determine where to make changes to your space.