You have an idea about the direction you want your remodel to move in, but you aren’t sure what it’s called. You’ve heard people say that they want a traditional look, a cottage feel, or they are looking for trendy ideas, but when it comes to picking items that match those phrases, you aren’t sure. First and foremost, you should choose things that you like. You can educate yourself about the various design ideas that are available and then determine if what you like is close to any of those ideas. Here are a few.  


Traditional décor is a comfortable style. There are no wild colors or patterns associated with a traditional look. This look can entail deep rich woods, warm colors, plushness, softness, and a relaxed feel. This décor style is rooted in history and does not follow the trends of the day. What is considered traditional now, will be considered traditional for years to come.   


Modern décor is embodied through the use of natural materials, earthy tones, and simple designs. The idea is that décor is there for a purpose beyond just looking pretty. If the décor has no other purpose, then it can be eliminated. Some confuse modern with contemporary. These are two different design styles. Contemporary is an ever-evolving style while modern is considered rooted in a specific time frame.  This means that contemporary can be defined different ways over the years, while modern décor sticks with the simple, earthy designs.  


Coastal décor embodies a beachy look. The colors lean on blues and whites; there are nautical accents and open-air designs. The feeling is relaxed and casual with plush furniture and a summer vacation-like feel. Other colors are pastels, greens, neutrals, and colors seen in the ocean and at the beach. It’s designing your space to enjoy summer all year round.  


Rustic décor has an outdoorsy natural feel to it. Materials include wood and stone, earthy colors, simple textures, and warmth. The feeling is a return to nature, so natural fibers like linen, wool, and cotton are popular. When considering wood, it could be finished pieces or more natural branches, twigs, and bark elements. There are many ways to incorporate the rustic style into your décor. 

One of the things that you will realize when researching décor styles is that there are many styles and substyles that can be found. That’s why it’s good to start with what you like and what you want first and then see if it fits a style category. When you determine this, you can then see if there are other elements that you want to add to your remodel.