When you are making over your space, you have almost unlimited options regarding what décor you would like to use to finish it. The choices you make will depend on the size of the room, the color scheme you have chosen, and what is available when you are shopping. You can choose to do bold things or focus more on accent pieces. Here are some decor ideas on how to finish your space.


Curtains can be used for more than just window covering. The curtains can be placed around the area and used to section off portions of the room creating a more intimate space. This can be used around a make-up table area, the bathtub, or if you want to have a separate changing area. Curtains can also be merely decorative hanging on the walls as well.

Window Treatments

Another area to consider is whether your second or third story bathroom really needs shutters or curtains, or if maybe a window film might be a better choice. This will depend upon whether anyone can see in your bathroom easily or not. Also, it will depend on your personal style and taste. Another option would be to leave the windows without treatments.


When you consider the use of curtains to section off areas of the bathroom, you can use just a set of curtains or you can add a more dramatic touch and layer curtains with sheers. This can create an area that can have differing levels of privacy. Additionally, sheers will allow ambient light to enter into your space. This can create a soft glow as opposed to needing to turn on a harsh overhead light.


Instead of curtains, you can also use dividers to section off areas as well. These dividers can be used to section off areas or placed in front of the window openings. You can choose a divider that is high enough to allow for privacy while allowing for light to enter through the top of the window. The divider can be plain or elaborately decorated.

Any of these decor ideas can be used to add the finishing touches to your remodeled/renovated bathroom. Part of the idea is to look at common items (example curtains) in a fresh way and realize the additional purpose they may serve. Also, you can look around and see if you need a window treatment or if a window film will serve the same purpose.