There are many interesting design trends that are emerging or will emerge as the year progresses. Many people keep an eye on the trends when they are looking for ideas for their remodel. Either they want to follow the trends they see, or they use them as a jumping off point when considering the updates they would like to make to their home’s look. There are classic ideas the never seem to go out of style, like white and black rooms, and there are ideas that come and go like the seasons. Here are some of the design trends that we’ve found. 

Dark Colors 

One trend we saw was the use of dark colors. Before we’ve seen pastels and various patterns trend, but this year we see a strong tendency for darker hues. This can be seen in any room of the house in any area. Meaning the room color, accents, furniture, accessories, appliances, or flooring could be in the darker hue. There could be one focal piece, or the hue could be interspersed in more than one of the above categories. It would just be personal preference and depend on what looked best to the people remodeling.  


In previous years, we’ve seen materials such as marble or granite stand out. This year quartz is the star. Quartz is popular because unlike granite; it is not porous. If anything is spilled on it, then it can be wiped up easier. With granite, there is the possibility for staining because a spill will soak into that material.  Yes, granite can be sealed, but this will wear down over time, and it will need to be resealed. Quartz is a strong material that can stand up to the day to day activities in the kitchen, and it is seen as a great alternative to granite.  

Counter-Height Islands 

Another trend we’ve seen emerge is the counter-height island.  This means that the island is as high as the counters instead of being bar chair height. One of the benefits of a counter-height island is the openness of the space it creates because everything in the room is the same height. This makes it easier for children or older individuals to sit down as well.  By having the counters and island at the same height, it also creates a larger working space if needed to spread school crafts or bake sale items. Having the island and countertops be the same material it will also make the kitchen area look bigger.