A way to show your style for a room is to pick some great window treatments. There are many choices available from curtains to blinds to shades to valances. Whether you are a doing a kitchen remodel or a bathroom remodel the windows are an important part of the look of the room. What are important considerations when choosing the right window treatment for you?

How Much Light

Think about the room and the purpose of the window treatment. Sometimes you are looking for a window covering that will allow some light to get through, but will offer a softer glow. It can be hard to concentrate in the kitchen when the light coming in from the windows is bright and harsh. If you choose a treatment that mutes the light, the whole room can be lit without being overwhelming. Another considering is where the sun is during the day. Some houses will get direct light right through the window because the sun rises or sets right across the window opening. Other houses will not be in the direct sunlight so a lighter option or valance could be the choice.


There are shades that can be purchased that can let in light from the top or the bottom. Sometimes you would like more light in the bathroom while maintaining your privacy. In this instance, you can pull the shades down from the top a little bit to let in the light, but the main area of the bathroom is still concealed. Additionally, blinds can be used where you angle the slats so that you can see out from one angle, but the view is hidden from another. As an example, angling the slats upward so that standing you can see out, but when seated the view is hidden.

Another function of window treatments is the ability for some to block out the UV rays that can come through windows. This is like having sunscreen for your house.


Blinds, shades, curtains, and valances can be used together to create a layered look. Curtains can be over the window with a decorative valance on either side as an accent. Shades can also be paired with a valance, across the top of the window, to bring a sophisticated look to a room.

Patterned window treatments can create a splash of color for a room, or neutral treatments can accent the current décor. There really is no limit to the possibilities for window options.

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