Your bathroom reflects your personal style. Sometimes, though, when you look around, you want to consider changing things up. Maybe you’ve had changes in your life, a fresh perspective on things, or you just feel it needs to change. When you want to make changes, you don’t need to do extravagant things to see your bathroom in a whole new way. Here are some minor bathroom updates that you can make that can have a major impact.

Light Fixtures

One change you can make to your bathroom is to update your light fixtures. Maybe you find that you need more light, or you just want to pick a different shade for your current fixture. You could change from one big light to smaller lights on the wall, you could just add more lighting, or realize it is too bright and tone down the lighting in the room. You can work through various scenarios to see what works best with your space.

Upgrade Shower Fixtures

Another way to make an impactful change in the bathroom is to upgrade your shower fixtures. You could find that a rain shower showerhead is just the thing to finish off your new look. Maybe you want a handheld shower to make it easier to rinse off. You could also install a multi spout shower feature where water comes at you from various levels. An upgrade to your faucets and spouts could be on the agenda as well. There are many changes that you can make to brighten up the look of your bathroom.


A simple way to add some pizzazz to your bathroom is to have the cabinets be a different color. You might need to change the doors, or if possible, you can just paint the exterior cabinetry a new color. You would need to understand your cabinet material and how you can change it first. Additionally, you can update your hardware for the cabinet.

Another idea is to repurpose some other piece of furniture into storage or cabinetry for your bathroom. There are many ideas online and in design magazines to give you endless ideas for this option.

Shower Curtain

Showering curtains come in almost any style and color and come with a variety of price tags as well. If you choose to, you could change your shower curtain once a week or once a month to keep your bathroom looking fresh. If you wanted to coordinate your bathroom, you could find decor that matches the shower curtain and then change them both out at regular intervals.

There are many ideas here that can get you started on changing up your bathroom look!