One of the ways that you can look at your remodel is from an entertainment perspective. If you are retiring or gaining more free time and you want to redo your space to allow for more get togethers, there are ideas that you can incorporate to create a festive space. When thinking of your space, you want to plan for foot traffic and look at how the people will mingle and eat. Here are some ideas for an entertainment remodel.

Open Floor Plans

One way that creates more flow is to create an open space floor plan. This can be where the kitchen flows into the living room which flows into the family room. This allows for a ease of traffic while cutting down on people running into each other when everyone gathers in the kitchen. Look over your current layout and determine where areas can be opened up.

Beverage Station

One way to keep the party going is to create a beverage station. This can be an area either in or near the kitchen that allows guests to take or create beverages of their choice. You can find a space to install a small beverage refrigerator, put in a draft beertap, or even a wine dispenser. This area can have a glass washer and sink to allow for easy clean up.

Snack Area

Another way to remodel for entertaining is to put in a snack area. This can be a place for guests to grab hors d’oeuvres, little desserts, or bar snacks. The area can have a chopping section, storage for bowls, a small sink, and places for bags of chips. You want to have an area that allows for easy clean up and snack prep. This area does not necessarily need to be a large area if you have enough space for everything you want to add.

Accessible Bathrooms

To allow for the enjoyment of all of your guests you can look into an open design for your downstairs bathroom. The bathroom that will be closest to the guests. This will allow your guests no matter their size or ability to use the facilities easily. This can be done by not having a lot of items in the bathroom, such as shelving, extra towels, or any other tripping hazard. You can make sure there is adequate space between the fixtures, and the fixtures are easy to use.

Incorporating these changes will allow you to have more time for fun and enjoying your guests and the celebration.