Are you considering a kitchen remodeling job for your home? As anyone who’s ever contemplated a kitchen remodeling Cleveland ohio or done one can attest, each element of the kitchen—from your appliances to your countertops to your cabinets—takes a considerable amount of research to find the best option for your design that matches your budget. Today, we’re going to discuss the fundamentals of buying a kitchen sink.

So you’ve marked your current kitchen sink for scrap in your upcoming kitchen remodeling job.

First and foremost, when deciding which new sink you want to purchase, one of the first decisions you need to make is the material of the sink. Sinks can come in many forms and ultimately it is the quality of the material that matters the most, not the brand that produces it. Materials for your kitchen sink can range from stainless steel, enamel (either enamel-on-cast or enamel-on-metal), and porcelain to glass and each one has its own set of selling points.

After you’ve determined the material, the next step is to determine the style of the sink. You can go with an undermount sink, which fits into the counter with an overlapping lip, is easy to install, and works with just about any counter material (with prices ranging from $100 to $500). You can also choose a Farmhouse sink, which is also referred to as an apron-front, and is one deep bowl with the faucet mounted in the counter or on a wall. The prices for these are slightly more expensive, ranging from $900 to $3,700.

After you’ve picked your sink, you’ll want to decide which kind of faucet features you want to have. One doesn’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for a kitchen faucet as all but the most expensive models have high-quality valves and tough finishes. Just make sure the manufacturer provide a lifetime warranty to guard against leaks and stains.

When it comes to the spout, you can choose from a spray/stream selector—which allows you to go back and forth between a spray and a stream—a pull spout, or starch-resistant physical vapor deposition finishes that come in nickel, copper, pewter, bronze, gold, and polished brass.

So while some kitchen remodelers might rush through picking a sink, it is one kitchen feature that sports a wide variety of options.