Have you heard of the Biophilic Design concept?  People are more familiar with design types like Traditional, Contemporary, Modern, and so forth. Traditional design focuses on classic, casual, and comfortable furniture and décor items. Contemporary design focuses on style concepts from the latter half of the 20th century. Modern design focuses on clean lines and a minimalist approach. Where does Biophilic design fit with these?

Biophilic design is a design and décor concept that focuses on nature and the natural world. The idea is to have furniture and décor items that bring a sense of oneness or closeness with nature. The concept is more than just adding a few plants to your environment. You can incorporate several outdoor elements into your design. By adding these options to your living space, you can potentially see an increase in well-being, a reduction in blood pressure, and a reduction in stress. You can incorporate some or all of these concepts in your house and in the same rooms and outdoor areas. You just need to review the changes you would like to make and whether the area is amendable to the changes.

Natural Light

An easy way to incorporate nature into your décor is by allowing natural light to spill into the rooms. Many people spend their days under fluorescent lighting without a lot of windows or openings allowing for sunlight to come in. Windows (that either open or remain closed can work) are a perfect way to allow for natural light. Skylights can allow for natural light if you have a second-floor room that will not accommodate windows.


Another way to reconnect with nature is to incorporate water features into your décor. This can come from fountains (large or table), water walls, waterfalls, ponds, and similar ideas. Many people find water relaxing, and water has been known to reduce feelings of stress. Water can be incorporated in just about every room of the house.


Another type of environment that people spend a better part of their day in is a building that is filled with recirculated air. After spending all day in that environment, you can then encounter traffic and exhaust fumes on the way home. To help combat this would be to allow for natural airflow of fresh air to circulate through the rooms. This can come from open windows, outdoor areas (tranquility garden), fans, etc. Feeling a breeze across your face can be just the pick-me-up to get your energy back for the afternoon.