Faucets do so much more than just dispense water anymore. Along with so many other appliances, faucet are becoming smart. Some of your options for your sink: you can decide if you want one bowl, two bowls, multi bowls, under the counter, over the counter, in the counter, color, material, and on and on. Additionally, now you have options for what you want your faucet to do as well. Here are some options to think about.


Faucets can either be fixed or directional. You have the option of having the end of the faucet either fixed, on a swivel, or having a pull-down faucet that you can use in any direction. You can also have two faucets that have different directionalities as well. Some choose to have a pot filler faucet for large deep pots, or a dedicated hot water faucet.

Along with choosing the direction, you can choose the flow of the water. You can have a stream, an aerated stream, a spray stream, a wide stream, a thin stream, and more. If your faucet has a water saver function on it, your options may be more limited. Changing the flow of the water can also affect the force of the spray that comes out. You will need to decide how forceful of flow you will need.


Another choice to make is what type of water you would like to dispense. You can have a multi-faucet that offers hot or cold water along with distilled or filtered water. Each of these choices would have a dedicated tap. As mentioned before, you can also have a dedicated hot water tap for instant hot water whenever you need. You can consider your needs in the kitchen to decide what type of faucet best suits your space.

Smart Faucet

Faucets have also adopted technology components to them that will allow sensors to fulfill various functions. Some faucets can be voice activated, sense a pan underneath, sense little hands, be controlled by your smartphone, and still function like a traditional faucet with a handle. This can be convenient if you are filling a large pasta pot and have the water start automatically when the pot appears and shut off when the pot is removed without having the put the pot down first to move the handle to shut it off.  Faucets can also be set up to allow for your desired temperature when you wash your hands or have a specific amount of water dispensed at a time.

There are many choices available when it comes to faucets in your home. By reviewing your needs and desires along with determining what functioning will make life easier, you can determine the perfect faucet for your home.