The material you use to cover your floors takes some thought and planning. There are many choices and considerations to keep in mind before you start laying it down. In previous posts, we talked about the material available for your countertops. Similar material is available for your flooring. Options include laminate, wood, linoleum, stone, and vinyl. Some of the considerations to keep in mind are whether the material will fatigue your legs after long periods of standing. Also, how easily the material is to clean up. As an example, placing carpeting in the kitchen is not the best idea. That could become stained quickly if you spill items while you are cooking. The flooring needs to be able to stand up to spills and resist scratches. Nothing like putting down flooring and having an unfinished material that soaks up a tomato stain.


Laminate flooring offers the look of wood without the price. The material is put together in a way that it becomes resistant to scratches and moisture. It is slower to show wear and tear and is easy to clean. Some of the cheaper forms of laminate have been known to look fake, so that is something to keep in mind before you make your choice.


This material cleans easily and resists dust. It is offered in a variety of sizes, making it is easier to fit in the space you have. There are many colors and patterns available, so there is something to match any décor. The flooring is a sturdy material which could bring many years of enjoyment.


Stone flooring offers elegance but also some planning. Because the stone is natural, there will be variations between batches. It would be in your best interest to calculate the amount of stone that will be needed and possibly order a little more to ensure all the stone comes from the same batch. Additionally, if repairs or replacements need to be made, you will have the extra stone available. Stone flooring ages well over time and comes in a variety of colors. Take into consideration the type of stone you use around your house. Non-porous, treated stone is best in areas where spills can take place.


Vinyl flooring gets confused with Linoleum, but the two are different materials. Vinyl offers an easy cleaning surface and even wear. The material is a good choice for long periods of standing, offering a spongy, forgiving flooring that will not overly fatigue the legs. The material comes in an almost endless supply of colors and patterns, easily coordinating with your décor ideas.


Wood flooring offers an aesthetically pleasing look and easily refinished surface. The flooring can be sanded and refinished multiple times without worry. It is easy to clean and maintain. One disadvantage to a wood floor is the possibility for moisture damage. Another is the increased noise that will result from various shoes moving across the floor. Carpeting has a way of deadening the noise whereas wood will amplify it.

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