Bathrooms can have many uses. As such, they come in a variety of sizes as well. You can have a half-bath, three-quarter bath, or full bath. You can create a spa-like atmosphere to help you unwind after a long day, have a place to get ready for work in the morning, allow guests the privacy of their own room while visiting, and so much more. Because there are so many reasons that people use this space, you need to determine the size of the bathroom you need. After reviewing your current bathroom space and needs, do you need to change it up? Here are some options.

Half Bath

The half bath is a room that is primarily just a toilet and a sink. There isn’t a tub or shower available in this room, but you can have ample counter and storage space if desired. These bathrooms would be great for guests who are visiting for a short while but not necessarily overnight. If you are having a party or BBQ, this would be a great bathroom. It is generally on the main floor of the home, making it easily accessible for anyone who needs to use it.

Three Quarter Bath

This bathroom type includes the toilet and sink, mentioned above, but also includes either a tub or a shower. Not both. This type of room would be ideal for overnight guests or younger children. As such, these rooms would be found closer to guest rooms and children’s bedrooms. If they are used for guests, the need for a large amount of storage would be unnecessary. The storage for this room could be created to make the room most efficient for short-term guests.

Full Bath

The full bath includes all the elements that could be in a bathroom. So, it would be a toilet, sink, shower, and tub. These would generally be used by the adults in the home. Storage is a factor along with making sure there is good traffic flow and all the creature comforts that would be desired. If the room is attached to the main bedroom, then it would be categorized as the Master Bath. The shower and tub can either be attached or two separate options. Additionally, if you wanted a spa-like experience, you could also add a steam area, a make-up area, or any other extra to pamper yourself.

There are many uses for the bathroom, and your needs and desires will determine the size of the bathroom that you choose. If you have several bathrooms in your home, you might find that you want to choose two or three types of the bathrooms listed above.