When the seasons change, there are things to do around the house. When it is springtime people look through their closets and garages and get rid of items they are not using. When summer rolls around, there are things to do as well. During the springtime, you might open the windows more to let the fresh air in. When it gets to the heat of the summer, opening the windows might be the last thing you want to do. What are some things you can do to get your home ready for summer?

Air Conditioning Check

If you plan on running your air conditioning over the summer, you will want to get it inspected first. If you have an outdoor unit, you will want to inspect it yourself first to remove any brush or debris that has collected around the unit. You can remove the cover and look for obvious signs of damage and wipe it off. You can check the connections to the house and any hoses that are connected to look for breaks, cracks, or any other signs of damage. Then you will want to have a professional look it over to see if there are any problems with how the unit actually runs. Additionally, check any filters your unit has to see if they need to be replaced.

Seal Up The House

When you are running the air conditioning, you want to make sure that the air is not escaping through cracks in the house. This means checking doors and windows for any spaces where cool air will get out. You can caulk the areas or determine another method to seal them which will keep the cool air in the house. Not only will your house remain cooler, but your air conditioning will not need to work as hard to maintain your set temperature. Then do a quick check to make sure that no one has left a window open before you run the air.

Ceiling Fans

One area that could be forgotten is to change the direction of your ceiling fans. You want your ceiling fan to run counter-clockwise in the summer and clockwise in the winter months. This will help the airflow by pushing the air down to create a cooler breeze through the room. When you change the direction of the fan, you can also take a quick moment to wipe the dust off as well and make sure your fan is in working order.