February in Northeast Ohio tends to mean one thing: snow and lots of it. As a result, we find ourselves with a bit more time on our hands when we’re not watching the Cavs work their way to the playoffs. So with all the spare time you might find yourself with this month, why not start planning your major spring home projects, starting with the kitchen?


When planning a major kitchen remodel in Cleveland Ohio during the winter, it’s a perfect time to first finish any outstanding home improvements that might still be lingering from the holidays.


Furthermore, since contractors tend to be most heavily booked for Cleveland kitchen remodeling projects in the spring and summer, winter is actually the perfect time to start looking ahead and locking in your preferred contractor for your project.


After all, contractors tend to have more time during the cold months to focus on your big kitchen plans, so why not get the conversation going and start planning what work you’d like done for the spring? Chances are the materials you are looking for will be on sale, so not only can you devote more time to the planning process, but you are likely to get a bargain in the process.


Winter also provides ample amount of time for research, so be it Pinterest or your favorite home design site, see what trends the experts are forecasting for spring and see which ones might be the best fit for you.


Before you sit down with your contractor, be sure to thoroughly plan out what it is exactly you want to change and what trends might best suit you.

One trend to especially look at for this spring is honeycomb tile, which can utilize a variety of different materials, including marble and wood, giving your kitchen that perfect natural look for the warmer seasons while also providing a sense of warmth during the winter.


So take your time and plan your kitchen remodeling Cleveland Ohio carefully with your contractor. After all, with all of winter at your disposal, your time and patience will pay off for the rest of your year when you find yourself with the kitchen of your dreams.