Having a granite countertop has several advantages. Granite is a non-porous material which makes it a more sanitary countertop. You can place hot items directly on the counter without ruining the material, and it can add value to your home. One of the unique things about granite is the minerals that make up the material are so varied that no two granite countertops will be alike. One of the biggest decisions for your granite countertop will be what color will you choose.

Thousands of Colors

There are literally thousands of colors to choose from when you are picking a granite countertop. One way to narrow this list is to understand that there are basically 10 categories that the colors can fall in. These categories are white, black, beige, brown, burgundy, gray, blue, green, yellow, and red. You can begin here and think about your color scheme for your room. You can either choose the same color as your room, or you can pick a complimentary color.

Dark Colors

Dark-colored granite works well in a room that has lighter/brighter accessories. The cabinets can be a lighter color and/or there can be more light coming into the room. This will allow a good contrast and give the room depth. If there is dark granite with dark accessories, it can make a room look and feel smaller than it is.

Light Colors

Lighter colored granite can make a room feel larger and more open. This can be beneficial for a smaller kitchen space. Lighter or neutral colored granite will also complement more design ideas because it will not draw the eye away from any bold statements you are trying to make elsewhere. Additionally, you can also change other aspects of the room without needing to change the granite countertops too.

Granite Patterns

The minerals in the granite produce different types of patterns and looks. Basically, there are three granite patterns: solid, speckled, and marbled. Solid granite can be a good choice for smaller areas. The various patterns in the speckled and marbled granite can make a small kitchen look too busy, which can then make the room look smaller than it is. Speckled granite is good for accenting a room and marbled granite can create a luxurious feel to a room. The biggest determiner for the granite pattern is the design and color scheme of the rest of the room. Whether the room is bigger or smaller, well-lit or darker, and other items are solid or patterned are determining factors.