Have you ever had the experience when you stayed somewhere that you just couldn’t wash the soap off of your skin? Or when you look in the tub you see a line of soap scum? These are the challenges that can be faced when you have hard water.  What does hard water due to your pipes and even your skin? We’ll look at the effects of hard water in your home.  

What is hard water?  

Water that has a higher mineral content is considered hard water. These minerals can be magnesium and calcium. Since this water has a higher mineral content, these minerals can begin to accumulate. This accumulation can be seen in the pipes either through reduced water pressure when the water is turned on, or you notice a “soap scum” in the sink or tub. Have you ever been in the shower and the showerhead just doesn’t seem to be spraying as hard as it did before? This could be mineral buildup. How does this mineral buildup affect the skin and hair? 

Skin and Hair 

Hard water’s effect on your hair could be leaving a film or residue on it. This can be felt when you run your hands through your hair and can be seen by the duller appearance your hair takes on. If you have color in your hair, it can cause a need to refresh the color more often because the hard water takes the color out faster. You will feel like you can’t rinse the shampoo and conditioner completely out of your hair.  

Your skin can be affected because the water can have a drying effect. This can mean that after you shower you need to moisturize more, your skin feels itchy and generally irritated. The scalp can be dried out as well causing you to scratch your head more.  

What causes hard water? 

How your water is supplied has the greatest effect on whether your water is harder or softer. Water from a well will generally be harder. Some cities just supply hard water because of the area that they are in. Do you need to just live with hard water? No. Hard water affects people differently, if you would like to change your water from hard to soft, you can purchase a water softener. There are many types and varieties for you to choose from based on what you are looking for as the end result.