One of the upgrades that have come to bathrooms is the smart shower. A seemingly fully programmable experience that you can have when you wash. There are many features available for the smart shower and whether you choose one or not could be affected by your remodel budget and any space constraints that you might discover while you are researching everything necessary to have one. Here are some features that you can consider.


Because it is a smart shower, it can be controlled by your phone with an app, using your voice, or accessing a controller. You could have the option for one or all of these choices. You can determine which one best fits your needs. Your voice control option is just like using any other voice-controlled option in your home. All you would need to say is something similar to, “Alexa or Hey Google, turn on the shower.” It might depend on the brand of smart shower you get which system it is compatible with.


Since you can control the shower with voice, phone, or a controller, you have the option to remotely start or stop your shower as well. If you choose the right type of smart shower, you can also control what exactly gets turned on, what temperature the water is, how long the shower is going to last, and much more. This can help if you are trying to increase your efficiency in the morning.


If you set up your shower a certain way, you can also have your settings saved so that you can have your perfect shower every single time. You can also have different settings saved for different people and name the settings accordingly. This way everyone can have their perfect shower. If you have children who will be showering, then you can set the temperature limit for them so that the shower is not too hot.


Your smart shower can be set up for whatever configuration you want to have for your shower. If you are using handheld showers, showerheads (either on the wall or ceiling), flush mounts, body sprays, or a combination, you can choose which options will be utilized while you are showering. This can maximize your time in the shower, to increase the amount of time you have for other things during the day. You can start the shower, without being in the bathroom, have your specific temperature and showerheads turned on, and have a timed shower all at once. If the phone rings, you can pause your shower, and then return to where you left off instead of trying to work to find the temperature and settings once again. They will be saved while the shower is paused.