When spring rolls around, you get the joy of more sunshine, thoughts of getting ready to BBQ outdoors and for some allergies! The windows are opened again which can bring a wonderful spring breeze but also allergens into your home. Spring is an excellent time to look around your home and perform some routine maintenance to get ready for the warmer weather and allergy season.

Filter Change

Spring is a great time to review the filters around your home and replace the old ones with allergy defense ones. These filters will be able to trap and collect more of the allergens that come into the home and circulate throughout your space. This can reduce the general discomfort that comes with allergies.


Once winter has faded, the windows will be opened, and curtains will be drawn, it’s a good time to review your lighting as well. If you still have the older type of harsh, bright lighting, you can switch to lighting that gives off a softer glow and creates less eye strain. Natural sunlight will be filtering in which will reduce your daytime need for indoor lighting, and the sun will be setting later which will increase the amount of daytime light. Harsh artificial lighting can create unnecessary headaches and eyestrain. Switching to a softer glow can also reduce fatigue.


With spring comes rain. It’s important to make sure your home is sealed from leaks before the major rains begin. You can check the seals along the doors and windows, make sure the roof is intact and not in need of replacement or repair, and look for areas where drafts may occur (such as an attic). There is nothing worse than waking to find water in the basement from leaks in the foundation. Walking through your home and reviewing all of these areas can save time and money in the future.

To Do List

Spring is the perfect time to tackle your To Do list. The bathroom vents you were going to get to can be cleaned out and reviewed to make sure everything is in working order. The dryer vents can be brushed or vacuumed out to make sure that your clothes are being dried in a timely fashion. Heading to the kitchen area the grease traps and overhead vent above the stove can be cleaned to ensure that your cooking area is clear from hazards.

These changes and reviews can ensure that your home is running as efficiently as possible.