If you are looking to remodel your space, you may be wondering what the right number of bathrooms is to have. You want to make sure you have enough bathrooms without having too many. Your first thought should be to assess how your current bathrooms are working. Are people constantly waiting? Do people run late because they are waiting for their turn? Additionally, you should consider how long you plan to stay in your current house. Is your family going to be expanding soon? Do you have an ideal number for the size of your family? Is there a possibility of having your parents move in as they get older? So, how many bathrooms do you need?

This is quite a bit to think about, but if you are making changes now, you want to make sure you have the bathrooms you will need. The general rule for bathrooms is to have two bathrooms for every three bedrooms. Here are some bathroom options to consider.

Master Bath

The master bathroom is normally a bathroom that is within the largest bedroom in the house. This bathroom has a sink, tub/shower, and a commode in it. It is considered a full bathroom. You can create a glamour bath with a sunken tub or a large walk-in shower. You can also choose to have a split master bath. This would be two separate bathrooms adjoining the master bedroom. If you are on separate schedules, it would allow both of you to get ready without disturbing the other one.

Guest Bath

These can be half baths (just a commode and sink) or can include a shower/tub as well. You can decide if you will have people over for just a get-together or if people will be staying with you often. People staying often will appreciate their own private area to shower and dress.

Family Bath

This bathroom will be a full bath normally off a hallway or corridor. These bathrooms can be the kids’ bathrooms so they can get ready for school. The bathroom can be larger to accommodate a number of people in there at once. If there is a separate area to bathe apart from the rest of the bathroom, one person can be showering while another is getting ready.

Accessible Bath

If you have aging parents who will be staying with you, it would be wise to consider an accessible bathroom. These bathrooms are set up, so everything is easy to reach, there are grab bars and chairs to reduce the incidence of slip and falls, and a walk-in or roll-in shower with a bench. The idea is to make the bathroom safe and easier to use.