One thing about the holidays that draws most people in is the gifts. Whether you love giving, receiving, or both, the holidays are a high time of the year for the gift lover.

However, unless you’re of a certain tax bracket, some gifts are simply too big for the holidays and often a bathroom makeover Cleveland is one of them. While asking for a full-fledged bathroom makeover might send your loved ones into a tizzy, you can be rather strategic about what you ask for to give your bathroom that recently made-over feeling.

After all, outside of the fixtures, shower, and floor, much of what gives your bathroom style is accessories and thus, by doing some serious online research, you can put together a pretty solid list that, once everything has been properly placed in your bathroom, will give you that fresh makeover feeling!

So where to start? First off, it never hurts to upgrade the essentials. If your shower curtain is looking a bit ragged or you simply want to upgrade, search online at your favorite home furnishing stores for the curtain that will transform the look of your bathroom. Sometimes this means going into the luxury end of the shower curtain pool, such as a monochromatic linen curtain from Calvin Klein or Martha Stewart.

Another bathroom essential that you can seriously upgrade during the holiday section is your bath towels. Regardless of price, a fresh set of nicely made towels will always add a heightened degree of elegance to your bathroom. Like the shower curtain, we suggest going with a strong monochromatic set that will complement the color of your shower curtain.

In addition to staying dry, it also never hurts to keep your bathroom smelling like a rose garden. Whether this means asking for real dried roses to add a touch of nature, a rose-scented candle, or a rose fragrance, by the end of the holiday your bathroom should be smelling better than a chocolate factory (or it could even smell like one if you so wish).

So if what you really want for the holidays this year is a bathroom makeover, consider asking for the above items to give your bathroom a fresh new look!