While we have written at length as to why granite countertops Cleveland are the ideal material for your kitchen countertop while also remaining highly stylish, what we haven’t discussed is what you should be aware of when buying new granite countertops.

Whether you’re planning on buying your granite countertop online or in person, there are a number of issues to consider. Firstly, when buying a granite countertop, it’s crucial to recognize that there is an inherent lack of predictability in natural stone and those who are buying their first granite countertop are often shocked when the color they ordered online looks much different in real life.

Keep in mind that although sample stones are intended to be representative of the quarry’s product, the material quarried at one time may differ slightly in color and veining from the sample. If you’re considering going with another natural stone such as marble or quartz, keep this fact in mind: granite actually ranks second to stainless steel in a study measuring the bacteria resistance capacity of six common countertop materials.

Next up, when shopping for your next granite countertop, be sure to find out if the material is sealed upon purchase. After all, granite is a naturally porous material and thus requires sealing, so make sure your countertop has already been sealed or shortly will be.

Now, when it comes down to actually buying the granite countertop, there is a whole other set of variables to keep in mind. After all, the cost per square foot of granite changes from piece to piece and while the amount of stone you are using will play a big role in the end price, there are other factors. For instance, these factors include the complexity of your project, the type of stone required, the edging design selected, the number and types of sinks, faucets, and cook tops used, and whether there are existing countertops to remove.

So whether you are looking to install just one new countertop or will be changing all of the surfaces in your kitchen, just keep the aforementioned list of potential charges in mind when guesstimating your countertop cost. And make sure you save a little extra just in case your project exceeds your budget.