When redesigning your kitchen, there are literally an infinite amount of looks one can go for, be it bohemian, tropical, or urbane. However, across these many styles, one look you are likely wanting to nail is that of a modern kitchen Cleveland. While some people prefer the vintage look and spend their weekends antiquing for the perfect Americana accessories, here are some tips for nailing that modern kitchen look.

First and foremost, you’ll want to decide what materials you’ll want to use for your kitchen counters, kitchen table, and the other surfaces in your kitchen. As we discussed last week, granite counter tops never go out of fashion and are durable and stain-proof while giving your kitchen an unmistakable modern look.

Another option is going with stainless steel countertops and kitchen cabinets alongside your stainless steel appliances. While this look might not be for everyone—if your kitchen gets a lot of light, the reflectiveness of the stainless steel might be a bit much—it is great for those looking to give their kitchen that urban and sleek modern feel.

Another way you can achieve that modern kitchen look is through color. In particular, going with white cabinets and tabletops is a surefire way to give your kitchen a modern, if not almost futuristic look (although it will require considerably more cleaning). On the other end of the spectrum, black also is a great modern color, but you’ll want to use it in moderation, not drape your entire kitchen in black (unless you’re going for a goth look).

Wood is another great timeless material and whether you want to go with light or dark wood cabinets, either one willy give you that classically modern flavor.

Finally, when designing your modern kitchen, you might want to consider going with building an island in the middle of your kitchen. As less and less families have the time to eat all together around the dining table, the island provides a home with a central location for family members to eat and catch up and when paired with a sleek modern tabletop and nicely designed chairs, your island can become your hub of modern taste.

So if you’re in the market for a modern kitchen cleveland, take into consideration the colors, materials, and features you want to have that will give your kitchen a distinctly modern look.