Last week, we discussed at length the best practices for painting kitchen cabinets across a variety of materials. However, this week we’re zeroing in on wooden kitchen cabinets Cleveland Ohio in order to give you a step-by-step guide to finding the perfect finish for your kitchen cabinets’ style.

For example, let’s say you have a kitchen island where you prepare your family’s meals and where you often eat together as a family. If you feel like the island could use a new lease on life, rather than hiring a contractor to build you a new wooden island from scratch, consider painting the cabinets black or a very dark blue and apply a warm wood-tone finish to the countertop and wall cabinets. This not only leaves your cabinets looking like they did when you first got them, but it also adds a depth of color and tone to your kitchen.

While we’re on the topic of finishes, instead of doing the staining yourself, consider hiring a kitchen professional who can present you with a wide palette of hand-rubbed, stained finishes to choose from. These finishes enhance the natural character and grain of the particular wood species that makes up your cabinets.

Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, the cabinet surfaces and profiles of the door should be thoroughly sanded to ensure that the stain is absorbed evenly. Once that is complete, spray the stain evenly over the surface and wipe it by hand in order to develop a beautiful and transparent color.

In addition to hand staining, you might also want to consider utitilizing glazes, which are semi-transparent colors that are applied on top of the stain in order to create additional depth and dimension. It’s a more artistic twist in addition to applying the finish, and the glaze accentuates the carved details of the cabinet door and can be exhibited in many different variations.

Of course, from there you can choose to use a paint finish and for that, please refer to our article from last week. But if you want to bring your wooden kitchen cabinets to life, following the above steps will make your cabinets look like new!