Last week we started down the road of a rather big topic: the many ways in which you can give your kitchen that modern look without having to invest in a full remodel. In fact, there are so many different and affordable ways to transform your old kitchen into a modern kitchen, we decided to give the topic a second week and get into even more ways you can update your kitchen.

One aspect of modern kitchens Cleveland that we danced around but didn’t address head on last week is that less tends to be more in modern kitchen designs. The idea is that your kitchen is at once focused on utility and fashion, that it is fuss-free, but fashionable through neutral palettes and streamlined furnishings. In addition, hard and sleek are two descriptors that are very common in modern design details; for example, you’re far more likely to see hard-edged countertops opposed to round edges and sleek stainless steel fixtures and hardware over wood cabinets.

While the above themes are what you want to be aiming for, achieving that modern look on a budget still comes with its own set of challenges. Speaking of hard, while last week we looked at stainless steel as one material to play with in remodeling your kitchen, another, even more out-of-the-box idea is to go with concrete countertops. While concrete is a relatively cheap material, this is definitely a design idea you’ll want to have professionals install as the chances for a disaster are rather high!

In terms of other simple and easy-to-implement design ideas that will update your kitchen is by looking to nature for a color theme. Last week we discussed how upgrading your appliances to eco-friendly options would help to keep your house in line with modern eco trends, another way to achieve an eco-friendly look is to borrow earthen colors such as red clay or forest green to give your kitchen a down-to-earth look that is also very au courant.

Another color choice that is increasingly popular is a softened white finish, which can be achieved through a granite or marble counter top or used to paint your cabinetry as well, giving your kitchen a “pure” feeling that never goes out of style. Finally, while we touch on modern color and material ideas this week, we wrap up at looking at different but complimentary materials, in this case stainless steel and stained wood. By going with steel appliances and cabinets and pairing those with a rustic wooden floor, you can achieve that modern feel while still capturing a timeless look that will stay en vogue for some time.