As we discuss frequently here, getting your dream modern kitchen Cleveland doesn’t always have to entail a full kitchen remodeling that you might be paying off for decades to come. In fact, many homeowners will often take the route of gradual changes that update their outdated cabinets and counters with budget-friendly alternatives.

For example, a lot of older kitchens were built with materials that have gone out of style and pale in comparison to many of the exciting different materials currently on the market. Metal in particular is a hot commodity right now, so whether it’s chrome, brushed aluminum, nickel and copper, or stainless steal, try out some of these materials on your cabinetry hardware, range hoods, or pendant lighting to give your kitchen that modern sheen.

Another common design element in older kitchens was to have hanging cabinets, which while practical, can also give a cluttered feeling. One thing you can do to open up that visual space is to remove those old hanging cabinets—replacing them with modern-looking floating shelves to hide certain pots and dishes if need. You’ll be surprised by how much this will add to your modern kitchen feeling. You can even add color to the new open spaces.

When it comes to your kitchen, it’s likely the hub of your home’s activities. Thus, consider buying some wooden or metal stools if you have a kitchen island to give your kids and partner a place to eat meals and do their homework. Or, if you want to make your kitchen more elegantly modern, consider moving in your dining chairs to create a lovely eating area.

Appliances are another area of the kitchen that can do a lot for updating its look. Installing energy efficient dishwashers and refrigerators is a great and conscientious way to make your kitchen more friendly to the environment. Not only do you get the modern kitchen look that comes with new appliances, but it also gives your kitchen that “green” feel that is so increasingly important for many homeowners.

Join us next week when we go over some other ways to get that modern kitchen look without having to do a full remodel!