There’s nothing like looking forward to a nice hot bath after a long day. It’s the best feeling for the hot water to loosen your tight muscles and soak your cares away. One thing you want to ensure is the water staying hot for as long as you want it to. Are there ways that you can keep bathwater hot longer? Let’s explore some options.


One way to keep the warmth in the bathroom is to make sure that drafts are kept to a minimum. You can do this by making sure the door is closed to the bathroom. If there is a curtain or some other enclosure around the tub, make sure that is closed or surrounding the tub as well.

Tub Material

The material the tub is made of is also a factor in whether the heat will remain in the water. The types of material that hold heat the best are stone, acrylic, copper, and cast iron. You can also make sure if your tub needs insulation around it, that is properly installed. Some of this will depend on what type of tub you have, whether it is a freestanding tub or part of a surround.


You can use different ways to pre-warm the tub before you fill it with water. You can do this by heating water to a high temperature before pouring it around the bathtub. You can also just let the faucet run from the tub and swish the water around before you actually start filling it. This way the colder water will have run down the drain and the warmer water will remain and allow you to use the hottest water you like for your soak. You can even fill the tub with water hotter than you want to soak in and let it cool for a bit before you get in.

Space Heater

How can you use a space heater in the bathroom? You can use the space heater to heat your bathroom space before you start your soak. You can preheat the room with the space heater, then unplug and remove it before you begin your bath. It is not a good idea to have any electrical appliances running near a water source. Preheat the room before you get wet.

There are several ways to keep bathwater hot. So, you can preheat the room, remove the drafts, use quality heat saving material for the tub, and preheat your tub before you begin so that you can soak for as long as you like in a nice warm bath!