As we’ve discussed in this space before, as helpful as the internet is in terms of browsing for new products and finding useful how-to information, visiting a kitchen and bath design center is an imperative part of any kitchen or bathroom remodeling product. After all, it is there you can actually touch and see products in person, get a more intimate feeling of how they will fit in your home, and speak to the many experienced experts on which sink to buy or how to install a cabinet fixture.

However, the rise of online shopping has led to the decline of kitchen and bath design centers and for some people, especially those who live in the country, visiting a kitchen and bath design center can literally be a day’s trek.

So while making a physical visit to a kitchen and bath design center is a crucial part of updating your bathroom and kitchen, here are some ways that you can make the most of the internet for your next remodeling project.

First and foremost, design stores are extremely helpful in that they have a large variety of products that you can see and touch in person. However, with more design centers offering ecommerce options on their site, browsing different stores’ websites can expose you to more options than any single design center ever could. So by browsing online, you could end up finding a sink design you never would have found in person.

In addition, when you visit a physical design center, you don’t have much flexibility in terms of pricing. If an item is on sale, that’s great, but more often than less, you’ll endup spending whatever the store has decided an item costs, which is usually list price. However, in the hyper-competitive world of ecommerce, where consumers can compare hundreds of different versions of a certain product to find the lowest price, the consumer holds all of the power. So in addition to having more options, you also stand a better chance of paying far less for an iteM than you would at a brick and mortar store.

But what about the know-how of an experienced bath and kitchen salesperson? To make the online shopping process more helpful, many sites have chat functions where you can speak directly to an experienced expert on home remodeling who can answer any of your questions, whether they be about a product or getting advice on how to remove an old toilet.

Now, while the internet can now provide the information you need to get your project off the ground, it’s still heavily advisable to make at least one trip to your nearest kitchen and bath design center so that you see your desired product in person, as that is still the best way to decide if something is the right fit for your kitchen or bathroom. So be sure to take advantage of all the internet has to offer, but don’t forget to visit your nearest kitchen and bath design center before hitting the “buy” button.

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