If you’re debating looking into kitchen remodeling Cleveland Ohio, chances are two things you are aiming to increase in the amount of storage space and the amount of natural light that comes into your kitchen.


After all, the kitchen embodies that holy grail of paradoxical remodeling projects: increasing your storage space while making it seem like you have more open space than ever before. After all, cabinets designed for optimum storage can’t do their job without optimum light.


So how does one go about reconciling these seemingly counter intuitive remodeling goals? Here are three different ways to achieve your kitchen remodeling Cleveland Ohio.


  1. Maximize Storage AND Lighting

Going back to our above statement that optimized cabinets require optimum light, by having spectacular windows that bring in a lot of light, three rows of non-blocking recessed fixtures can add light once the sun goes down. Add in recessed lights directly over the sink that contain spotlights to provide focused illumination for food preparation and cleanup. The other two rows contain floodlights for general illumination of the floor and upper cabinets while pendant lights over the kitchen island bring light in above the countertop and cooktop.

  1. Combine the Kitchen and Living Room

So let’s say you want a larger kitchen, a larger dining room, a butler’s pantry, and a dedicated communications hub, but don’t want to add on to your house. One way to achieve this is to eliminate the living room by bringing it into the kitchen through narrowing the existing living room space and converting it into a spacious dining room. In addition, you could extend the kitchen into the old dining room and add a communication hub using the existing audiovisual equipment in the old living room.

  1. Optimizing Storage

Finally, when seeking to add storage and light to your kitchen remodeling Cleveland Ohio project, there are countless options in terms of storage. Some options that are worth looking into include: over-the-fridge storage, a butler’s pantry, well-planned drawer configuration, cool drawers that keep things warm, a knife drawer that maximizes storage, an appliance garage, media cabinet, a kitchen multi-media center, an efficient and effective island, and hidden outlets. While you’ll likely not use all of these, just incorporating a few of the above storage suggestions will open up considerable space in your kitchen.