When it comes to bathrooms, everyone has to deal with how to best set up the shower and sink. When it comes to the sink, however, you do have one major decision to make that can massively change the style of your bathroom: your bathroom vanities Cleveland.

Bathroom vanities came into existence over a century ago once indoor plumbing became the norm in home design. When selecting a bathroom vanity, you can basically do whatever you want, but you want to make sure you stay true to your own unique style. Whether you’re going for a more traditional and elegant look with a spa-like bathroom vanity to a modern look with a stainless steel vanity, the choices are simply unlimited.

Traditionally, a bathroom vanity is a combination of a mirror or multiple mirrors, one or two sinks, a counter top, and then numerous accessories, such as linens, towels, or other bathroom necessities. If you have an elegant master bedroom that you share with your significant other or spouse, than you might want to go with a double-sink vanity to give you each your own space in the morning and evening.

For a double-sink vanity, it’s usually best to hire a professional to help with the intricate installation and then go with the materials, color, and overall style that best suits your collective taste. If you have a more current style, bring in a sleek mirror paired with granite countertops, and minimalist, midcentury modern drawers to create a very sleek and modern-looking bathroom vanity.

If you have a more traditional style, whether you’re going with single or double sink, antique stores can be a real boon to many homeowners, containing old woods, granite, and other materials done in a particular historical style that can bring a real sense of tradition to your bathroom. If an antique store is too far away, hop online for vintage online retailers and see what you can use to transform your bathroom vanity into a real reflection of your style!

Simply put, there is no single answer for what bathroom vanity will best suit your home. But by following your personal taste and style, you’ll settle on a vanity that perfectly encapsulates everything that is special about you and your bathroom!