A few weeks back, we discussed at length the many reasons why granite countertops are a perennially fashionable and functional choice. After all, not only does granite age well and always gives your kitchen that modern look, regardless of the trends of the time, but it also lasts longer than most man-made countertop materials while withstanding any knicks or burns.

One aspect of granite that we were not able to get into as much, however, is the fact that the stone comes in a massively wide range of colors, with the number of different colors that granites can take on up in the several thousands. After all, granite does not come in one, natural “granite” color, but rather, like the earth itself, comes in nearly every shade imaginable.

Now, you’re not likely to find many physical locations where you can actually view the breadth of options in person, but there are many sites online that perfectly serve as a reference point when you’re deciding which color with which you want to go. Another smart tip to keep in mind is that the names of the colors you find online are likely not consistent from store to store; thus, when it comes time to find your granite, be sure to bring a picture of your chosen color. You might not find the exact one you’re looking for, but you should be able to come close.

One color that is hard to find in granite is pure white, though there are many whitish shades of granite that are available, where it is mixed with gray, black, red, or even blue flecks of stone throughout its surface. So if you’re going for that pure white look for your kitchen counter, granite countertops might not be your best option.

Finally, when trying to decide which color of granite is your best bet, it never huts to ask an expert. These days, you can actually find one online by searching the internet for shops that offer online support. Or, if you prefer to talk to someone in person, go to your local kitchen and bath center and ask to speak to their resident granite expert. He or she should be able to answer every question you have.

So if you’ve decided to go with a granite countertop in cleveland, keep in mind that you actually have more options than most materials when it comes to color. In order to find the color that works best for you, do your research, talk to an expert, and pick the color that works best with the color scheme of your kitchen.