While we’ve discussed some of the later phases of planning a kitchen remodeling Cleveland, Ohio, including how to hire a contractor and which material to use for your kitchen cabinets, today we’re going to look at that very first phase of remodeling your kitchen: planning.

After all, a kitchen remodeling is no cheap project, with most averaging between five and ten percent of your household income. Thus, it’s crucial to clarify as many aspects as possible prior to buying materials and hiring a contractor.

First off, one of the first things to consider is what does a normal day in the life of your kitchen look like? Check out this helpful questionnaire from HGTV, which covers such essential questions as “What do you do most often in your kitchen?”, “How many people live in the home?”, and “How often do you cook meals in the kitchen?”

By answering the above series of questions, you can obtain a clearer perspective on the activities that take place in your kitchen and how the current design is meeting, or failing to meet, your needs.

Once you’ve determined what you use your kitchen for, next determine what exactly you want from your kitchen remodel and draw a roadmap to your successful kitchen renovation. A roadmap will contain such information as what purpose you would like your kitchen remodeling to serve and what kind of kitchen it will be: a gourmet kitchen that’s geared towards food prep, an entertaining kitchen for hosting company, or a family-centered kitchen with an island that your family regularly gathers around.

Of course, once you’ve decided what type of kitchen you want, you’ll also need to decide which style you’d like to renovate it in, with the two most common being Traditional Kitchens, Contemporary Kitchens, Casual Kitchens, and Transitional Kitchens. By determining the style and type of kitchen you want, you can then move onto the next step of planning your budget. Be sure to revisit our previous article on that very topic.

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