In a previous post, we discussed how you could increase home value by considering a bathroom remodel. Another area of the home that is popular is the kitchen. The kitchen is where meals are prepared, party guests congregate, and late-night snacks are eaten. Since so much time is spent in the kitchen, it is a room that potential buyers notice when considering the purchase of a new home. If you are contemplating the sale of your home, you will want to review the current state of your kitchen. Here are some ideas to consider.


A lower-cost update for your kitchen could be refacing the cabinets. Instead of changing out the whole cabinet box, just change the doors.  When you change the doors, you can update the hardware as well. If you do change your cabinet faces, you will want to make sure that the look stays uniform with the rest of the adjoining space or house. The same applies to the hardware. If you update the knobs, you will want to look around your space and see if other areas will require hardware updates that are the same or complementary.


The kitchen floor is a high traffic area in any home. As such, flooring is another item that might need to be updated. When you change the floor, you want to choose a popular material like wood or tile. The most popular choice being wood. You want to keep it basic and coordinated with the rest of the look. When the old flooring is removed, you want to take a look at the foundation to make sure there is no damage before you place new flooring down. You want to make sure the appliances will sit evenly on the floor as well. So, check the foundation for any irregularities and make the necessary fixes.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

As with remodeling a bathroom, you want to put in energy-efficient choices. You will want to check with local laws regarding any minimum energy requirements that will be needed for your appliances. You do not need to buy professional-grade appliances. The potential buyer can change out the appliances if they choose, but it could turn buyers away if the kitchen does not match the rest of the home. Additionally, if the appliances are not dated and are still in working order, they might not need to be changed at all. That will be your choice.