For those that consider themselves pros in the kitchen, an industrial kitchen design might just be the perfect remodel project. Where do you start if you want to incorporate an industrial kitchen design in your home? What are the elements of this design that are important to consider?


One of the foundations of an industrial kitchen design is the open floor plan. This means that there will be more open space in the kitchen. Instead of having the kitchen sectioned off with walls, there might be a counter space where people eat that will overlook the living room. The counter space/island can be used if you would like to section off the kitchen area. If you don’t, the kitchen can just flow into the dining room which can just flow into the next living area. The change of room can be signaled by merely changing the flooring between rooms.


Another element of the industrial kitchen design is the use of professional-grade appliances. These are the same caliber appliances that you would find in restaurants and other eateries. Additionally, you can have dual appliances, such as two ovens. This can be a way to cook different foods at the same time or split a larger amount of the same thing to cook faster. Having another appliance can be determined by your cooking and entertaining needs.

Stainless Steel

A popular element of the industrial kitchen design is the use of stainless steel. Stainless steel has many benefits. It is easy to clean, resistant to corrosion, works well with fire and heat, and is very hygienic. A stainless-steel kitchen gives off a professional vibe. You can have stainless steel countertops, appliances, kitchen tools, or accents. You can use stainless steel for most of the kitchen and have a focus piece of a different material. You can also mix several different materials together and have stainless steel be a small part. The ideas are almost endless.

Unfinished Look

The open design of the kitchen can be taken farther by having open shelving. Instead of having the traditional cupboards with the doors, you can choose to have cupboards with no doors or merely shelving on the walls. Hanging the pots and pans can also lend to the aesthetic. Having exposed pipe or natural-looking brick gives an unfinished look to the room that is an industrial kitchen staple.

With the open-air design and the stainless steel, your kitchen will have the professional look you are going for.