When the leaves begin to change colors and there is a crispness to the air, your thoughts wander to all the bounties that fall can bring. You think of baking pies, look forward to Thanksgiving, and pulling your sweaters out of storage. Another thought would be to plan a home remodel during this time. What are the advantages of remodeling in the fall? Check out what we found.


There is less of a demand for supplies in the fall, which means that you would have more choices for the materials and colors. During the more popular times for remodeling, you may find that it is hard to find all the supplies that you need for creating your new look. The fall is not as popular of a time for remodeling, which can also lead to the ability for greater flexibility in scheduling for your contractors.


Fall brings cooler temperatures which can create a better environment for paint to dry. Cooler weather allows the windows to be opened for longer periods of time which can create better airflow to allow paint to dry faster. Another plus for cooler weather is that the contractors can work for longer hours during the day. When the heat is oppressive, the workday can become shorter for health and safety reasons.


During the fall, children will usually be returning to school which can allow for an uninterrupted workday for the contractors. If needed, the pets can spend the day in doggy daycare as well. This will make things easier if the kitchen or bathroom are being remodeled and will be off limits for specific times during the day. Snacks can be arranged to be available away from high traffic zones if the children come home while work is still being done.

Winterize Home

Since construction will be done anyway, it’s a good time to put some thought into winterizing your home. You can spend time making sure your windows are properly sealed, your gutters are clean, the HVAC is well maintained, and other items that can worked on while remodeling construction commences. You can work on the yard or garage as a way to work around the workers in the house as well.


Another great benefit to remodeling during the fall is to have a new look for the house when the relatives visit during the holidays. You can also use the backdrop of the newly remodeled space for your holiday cards that will be sent out. The fall is a great time to think about remodeling your space.