You know how sometimes your friends and family see things before you do? You are in the middle of it and can’t quite see it yourself. Your family might start making comments about your “old” furniture or asking when you are going to update your look. They might even point to a calendar and ask you if you know what year it is. You laugh this off until one day when you are sitting relaxing, and you take a look around your space and begin to wonder if it’s time to remodel. How can you be sure? Here are some tips:

Outdated Décor

One sure sign it is time to remodel is when you look around and realize all of your trendy fixtures are no longer trendy. Or if you were starting out and received a lot of hand-me-down items, and now you have the money and time to pick out matching décor. Sometimes this is hard to see because after a while you stop noticing it. You might become more aware of it if you have been out of your place for vacation or business travel, and then you see it with clear eyes when you return.

Selling Your Home

Another time to review your home is if you are going to sell it. If there are a lot of things that would turn a buyer off or need to be fixed, this is the time to fix it for a maximum return. Again, this could be another time where you don’t see the need until you look at your home with a buyer’s eyes. What do you think would encourage them to buy your home faster? What would you be looking for in this home if you wanted to buy it for maximum value?


This is a true sign of a need for remodeling. If there any type of damage to your home, water damage, wear and tear, or accidental damage, it’s time to update the look. You need to determine if something broke, needs to be replaced, or simply wore out. Then you can review the traffic patterns and usage amount to see if you need to update the look to the space as well. Maybe the space is just too small now because of your ever-growing family. You could just need to open up more rooms to allow for the changing traffic patterns in your home. You might also need to repurpose some space or add on.