The shower for some people is their sanctuary. It is where they go to de-stress from the day. Others use the shower as their way to wake up in the morning and get their day going. Either way, when the showerhead flow is not performing properly, the feeling one gets when in the shower is diminished. If it is bad enough, you spend your time wondering what the problem could be now! Here are some areas to look at to bring back your sanctuary and energizer in no time.

Build Up

If you find that your water pressure isn’t what it used to be, but the tub fills fine, then you might need to descale your showerhead. As you can get buildup in your pipes, that same buildup can also begin to form where the water comes out of the holes in the showerhead. To fix this, do a quick scan to make sure there aren’t any broken pieces, also make sure that the settings are correct and haven’t been bumped. It could simply be stuck between two setting and need a quick adjustment.

If you see that buildup is present and causing the issue, then soaking your showerhead in a descaling solution is necessary. There are various kinds and recipes with some searching on the Internet. A popular one is baking soda and vinegar.

Old Showerhead

The problem could also be that your showerhead just needs to be replaced. Sometimes they just get old. On a surprising note, some recommend that your showerhead be changed every six to eight months. With the proper maintenance schedule and review, your showerhead will most likely last longer than that. Therefore, it is good to keep track of how long you’ve had the showerhead, and how it handles the water pressure going through it.


Another issue with the showerhead is that it can have buildup in the hose/pipes up to the showerhead and then the buildup breaks off and becomes debris in the water flow. This debris can make it to the space where the water comes out and block/clog the opening. A quick inspection will let you know that you currently don’t have a buildup issue. To fix this, you will need to take the showerhead apart and look/listen for debris moving around. Sometimes it can seem like the smallest piece, but if it hits the right spot, then issues ensue.

Taking care of your showerhead is pretty easy to do. Make sure you inspect it regularly, keep track of how long you’ve had it, and practice routine maintenance to keep your showerhead flow great.