Kitchen cabinets have many uses in your home. You can store pots and pans in them, food items, dish towels, appliances and more. When you choose to upgrade your cabinets, you can choose the hardware that goes on the outside, the material the cabinets are made of, and you can choose the color. Another option that you have for your cabinets is to choose the type of cabinet you are looking for. The type of cabinet that you choose will be determined by the function that you would like the cabinet to have in your home. Here are some options.

Base Cabinet

Base cabinets are kitchen cabinets that offer storage under the countertop or island. These generally offer the most area of storage space and can be quite deep in depth, depending upon your counter. They are not hung on the wall, so you can use these storage areas to put your heavier pots and pans in. These can also be used to hold larger appliances and longer/bigger baking pans. These cabinets can have shelves or not, depending on your needs. The shelves could hold smaller pots and pans or lids from the pots and pans.

Wall Cabinet

The wall cabinet is storage space that is attached to the wall and above the countertop. The wall cabinets do not have to be attached to anything other than the wall. There can be many together or one or two attached. Since the cabinets are attached to the wall and suspended above the countertop, it is important to make sure they are anchored and securely attached to the wall. These are not the type of cabinets that would contain very heavy items. These cabinets would be used for snack items, dishes, glasses, baking ingredients, spices, and other smaller items.

Tall Cabinet

Tall cabinets are also called utility or pantry cabinets. These type of kitchen cabinets offer a large amount of vertical space. If you choose to put many shelves in here, you can store food items such as rice, canned goods, baking goods, boxed meals, bulk shopping items, and the like. If you have less shelving, then you can store cookies sheets and baking sheets vertically. You can also use these types of cabinets for the family to put their coats/jackets in when they come in from outside. You can use these cabinets to store cleaning supplies such as mops and brooms as well. You can have a variety of these types of cabinets around your kitchen for all of these options as well. You are limited by your available space, and other cabinet needs only.