When you are choosing what you would like for your kitchen sink, you have more options than just the faucet and basin. There are extras that you can add to your kitchen sink if your budget allows. You can add extras above your sink as well as below the sink area. Some of the kitchen faucet extras are discussed below. 

Soap Dispenser 

One of the extras that you can add to your sink is a built-in dispenser. You can add more than one. You can choose to put lotion in it, hand soap, dish soap, or whatever you like. The spout for the dispenser will be on the sink with the actual container part of the dispenser under the sink. This way you can unscrew it and add more of what you like without having the contents visible.  

Pot Filler Faucet 

If you find that you cook a great deal using large pots, you can add a large pot faucet to your sink. This will be a dedicated area to fill your large pots that is separate from the main faucet. The faucet can be one where it is a high faucet with a large arc, or the faucet can be one where the faucet retracts when not in use. This way the faucet can be out of the way until it is needed.  

Dedicated Hot Water 

Another extra you can add to your sink is to have a dedicated hot water faucet. This way you can have hot water in an instant whenever you need it. If you want to make a hot beverage the water is ready. You can use the hot water for cooking, cleaning, or even thawing out frozen items. It can turn out to be the best investment that you made in your remodel. 

Water Filtration 

You have the option to add water filtration to your kitchen faucet. You can choose to add a filtration system that stores below the kitchen sink, or you can add something to the faucet itself that will filter the water as it moves between the pipes and the stem. The filtration system that stores below the sink will have no obvious parts that can be seen above the sink. The filtration system that attaches to the faucet itself will be visible. These are some thoughts if you would like to add a filtration system to your kitchen sink. The filtration system will need to be maintained so that your water is the cleanest and freshest it can be.