When you are remodeling your kitchen, you have many options when it comes to appliances, materials, floor layout and more. One of the areas you can have fun with is deciding if you want to put in a kitchen island or not. One factor would be how large your kitchen will become when it is finished. You do want to make sure that when you place a kitchen island in the space that you are still free to move around if the island will be in the middle of the floor. Here are some other choices when thinking about your kitchen island options.


Do you want your kitchen island just for eating? Or would you choose to have a sink and prep area also in your kitchen island? These choices will affect how large your island is. You can also have storage and a miniature fridge in your island as well. You could also choose to just have a prep area for your island with no eating option. It depends on the size and what you would like to do.


Your kitchen island can be tall, short, or multi-level. You can have the eating area be lower than the prep area or the opposite if you have children who like to create in the kitchen. The island can be extra-long or shorter.  You can think about any of these options while you think about how you would like to utilize your island. The island can also be straight or curved.


You have the choice of placing your kitchen island in a permanent position, or if there is no sink or cooking area, you can have your island be mobile by having wheels on the bottom. The issue would be if power needs to be hooked up, or water, or gas for cooking. Additionally, the weight/size of the island would be a deciding factor regarding whether it would be a good idea for it to be mobile or not.


Your kitchen island can be all one material or several materials working together. The different materials can be used to section off areas of the island. You can have one material represent the eating area, and another material represent the food prep area. You could choose to have one material be the focal point and the other material used as an accent as well. The material choices would depend on what you want to use each area for. You want to make sure that the material you choose is appropriate for its use.