An island can be a great addition to your kitchen. They offer the possibility of extra space, a larger eating area, or a place to gather when entertaining. One way to determine if an island is for you is to consider your future use for the kitchen space. Is your family expanding? Will you be entertaining more in the future? Do you have the space to add an island to your kitchen? Here are some other considerations for how to plan for a kitchen island and components you can add to the island to make it the kitchen island of your dreams.

Functional Components

One item to consider for your kitchen island is how many components you would like on the island. Would you like to have a sink on the island? A stove on the top? The type of components you would like will help determine where you can place the island and how big it will be. If you have a sink on your island, you can choose to have that be your main sink or a sink that is used when you entertain. The stove can serve the same purpose.

Seating or No Seating

Another item to consider for your kitchen island is whether you will use any part of the island as an eating area. If you choose to, you can have the chairs pulled right up to the island, or you can have a separate lowered eating area. The chairs can push into the island or be placed at the island and stacked elsewhere when not in use.

Storage Area

The kitchen island can be used for storage. This can be through cabinets under the island or if you have shelves on the end of the island. The shelving can hold cooking items, cookbooks, or other small items that will be used in the kitchen. Again, shelving will determine how large your island can be and where it can be placed within your kitchen.

Décor Style

When you are choosing your kitchen island décor, you can choose to have it complement your other kitchen décor or you can create a separate look for the island. If your kitchen is basically white or another neutral color, you can have the island add a pop of color to the room. You can do this by either having the entire island be another color or components of the island be a bold color.