Kitchen remodels give you the opportunity to remake your space. You can move things around to increase the flow of your room, you can update to more modern appliances that save time and money in the kitchen, or you can add flair and personalization that show off your style. When considering that changes that you would like to make, here are some options for kitchen remodel add-ons.

Kitchen Island

If you do not already have a kitchen island, you can consider adding one to your kitchen space. This will give you more working area and/or storage when you are preparing meals. One thing that you can consider adding to your kitchen island is a mini-fridge to hold beverages. You can choose to install a wine refrigerator, a cold place to hold your beer, or if you have teenagers a handy place for them to find a cold drink. If you have an affinity for wine, you can also consider adding a wine rack to your kitchen island. The can be a handy space on the side of the island that will allow your wine to be readily available and be out of the way when you are not drinking it.

Pull-out Cabinets

A way for you to have a quasi-kitchen island would be to have pull-out cabinets. There would be a space available for your cabinets to be out of the way when not in use (under the counter), and if you choose to you can pull them out, and this creates a workable moving space. Your cabinets would be on wheels, and you can move your newly created working space anywhere that is needed. You can get wheels with braking technology so that when you have your cabinets where you want them, you can secure it in place.

Two-sided Fireplace

A great addition to a room or rooms would be a two-sided fireplace. The fireplace could provide warmth and ambiance for two rooms simultaneously. An example of this would be between the kitchen and living room. You can enjoy a nice romantic dinner by the fire, and you can also enjoy the fireplace warmth when you are sitting on the couch. You will need to maintain fire safety, allowing for the required amount of space and the surroundings when you consider this option, but it can create a nice cozy space in your newly remodeled room. It is important to understand the codes that are required for this kitchen remodel add-on.