As bath and kitchen experts, we routinely meet customers of all types and needs and our main challenge is always finding each customer exactly what they need within their established budget. While in the past we’ve talked at length about both the importance of hiring experienced contractors and the benefits of doing it yourself, today we’re going to take a look at a kitchen remodeling Cleveland Ohio project budgeted at around $25,000 and show how you make your dream a reality on a budget.

In terms of color, when working with a smaller budget, it is often wise to go with a neutral palette as white appliance tend to be rather expensive and black can be a rather heavy color. Thus, stainless steel is often your best and most fashionable bet at this price point in your kitchen remodeling project.

You also want to be sure to maximize your space, especially if your kitchen runs a little on the tight side in terms of size. Having cabinet depth is well worth the extra cost here as it helps to maximize your space, giving you more storage.

When it comes to laying down your countertops and choosing a material, granite is an equally affordable and good-looking option, with it being both durable and easy to take care of.

Now, even when working on a budget, you still want to ensure that you transform your kitchen into a cozy spot in your house that you actually want to spend time in, so continue splurging on a eat-in kitchen feature like a kitchen island that will encourage your family members to spend time in your new kitchen.

When installing your new lights, you want to illuminate every corner of your kitchen. Therefore, putting in LED undercabinet lights is a fantastic way to keep the room illuminated, especially if you have glass ceiling fixtures to bring in the daylight.

Finally, when it comes to your floor, some find stone floors to be uncomfortable and while wood is often an ideal choice, it also stains easily. So stain it a dark color, like an English walnut finish, to both hide spills and give your kitchen remodeling a homey, cozy feeling.

While you might not be able to fit in every feature you want at a budget of $25,000, by being smart about your purchases while knowing what features are worth the extra money, you can be sure that you will be spending much more time in your new kitchen.

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