We previously discussed some remodeling styles for the kitchen (Farmhouse, Rustic, Country, and Vintage). We shared some elements that made up each style.  We thought we would revisit the topic and share some more. It seems like designs for the kitchen could be endless, and if you are still deciding which way your kitchen remodel should go, we wanted to offer you more options.


Modern kitchens are known for their sleek lines and open spaces. The idea of the modern kitchen is a space that is easily accessible and easy to clean with little fuss. The appliances will be state of the art, possibly stainless steel, but definitely low maintenance. The look of the room is simple with little to no ornamentation. The focus is on the naturalness of the elements: the grain of the wood or an unfinished/untreated wall.


Contemporary design differs from modern in the idea that contemporary design changes as the fads change. Contemporary design can encompass what is hot at the moment. So this would mean that the appliances in the kitchen would be what was in style or hot when the kitchen was designed. This could be state of the art appliances or possibly include some throwback styles from a previous era repurposed. Contemporary can have other design styles included depending on what’s considered the “it” look. Where modern style involves clean lines and low ornamentation, contemporary can feature several patterns and textures used together.


Traditional design elements are considered warm and classic. The cabinetry will have raised panels and possibly have a stain to it. There will be crown molding, and the lighting will be functional and easy. The kitchen will feature an island and a large cooking area. The counters will be long, and there will be ample places for storage and decorative items. The coloring will be neutral, and the flooring and cabinetry would be wood.


What better way to bring the seaside to your house then to adorn your kitchen with nautical goodness. The coastal style involves light coloring with soft hues; there will be a great deal of white and cream as the base with seafoam green, pinks, and light blues as accents. Decorating could involve seashells, driftwood, and maritime items. The general feel of the room will be relaxing and breezy. Water will play a role in decorating as well, either through actual water or decorative items that bring thoughts of water.

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