When thinking of giving your kitchen a facelift, you might have hundreds of ideas. Looking around, you have mentally picked out 20 refrigerators alone and ten different paint colors. You were thinking about choosing a theme, but you weren’t sure what to go with. Here are some themes to choose from and the elements that make up each.


This style can refer to time period items and those items that are at least 20 years old. This gets confused with antique, but the distinction is that antique items are at least 100 years old. Your décor could be inspired from the 1950s or 1970s or any time period 20 years before the current year. The time period chosen will give an idea of the specific color schemes and items specific to that time period.


A country style has a warm and welcoming feel to it. The idea is to create a casual environment where everyone can relax. There are several variations to this style including French, English and American. Each of these styles incorporating elements from their respective areas. The furniture is chosen for comfort. The color scheme can be various shades of white, cream and ivory to give the rooms a clean look. Additionally, blues, burgundies, and greens can also be incorporated. The general lighting for rooms relies on natural sun. There are brass handles for doors and cabinets. Large bowls with pitchers in them are used as accents on tables.


Rustic kitchens have a well-worn look to them with materials used including reclaimed wood, distressed metals, and vintage glass. Handmade quilts with detailed stitching can decorate the walls or be strewn across furniture.  General coloring includes denim blue, forest green and khaki color schemes. A way to decorate with this theme is to choose found items. These items can be seen at garage sales, antique fairs, and flea markets. The main focus of this style is simplicity.


The farmhouse theme was originally born out of necessity. People needed a place to live close to their farms, and some did not have running water or electricity. There were candles or oil lamps around the property, both inside and out, to light the way. The walls and floors were made of wood because that was the plentiful material available. Water was pumped from wells manually. Baths were filled with many buckets of water. While the farmhouse theme can be visited, there are ways to modernize it. The lamps can have the look of the farmhouse lanterns, but be electric. Claw foot tubs and potbellied stoves can still be purchased and used.

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